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Prediabetes – What Should You Do?

When your blood sugar levels are too high but not quite high enough to be diagnosed with Diabetes, your doctor may tell you that you are Pre-diabetic. Unsurprisingly, this can cause distress and some of my clients even describe a sense of ‘panic’ running through them. Let these feelings turn into motivation to make positive […]

How to Avoid Yoga Injuries

I’ve lost count of the amount of people and times I’ve heard comments about Yoga such as: “It’s just stretching, how hard can that be?” or “Yoga isn’t a workout, it’s too slow”. Despite what some people may think, the practice of Yoga can be very physically demanding (not to mention the internal focus and […]

Cut the Keto NOT the Carbs!

Unless your doctor or a healthcare professional has told you that you have to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet due to a health condition… there is no reason why you should be cutting this food group out if your goal is weight loss. The ‘Keto Diet’ has become more and more popular recently with a […]

5 Yoga Poses for Beginners

There are so many benefits related to having a consistent Yoga practice that stretch (excuse the pun) far beyond being able to stand on your head or do the splits! Of course Yoga helps our muscles lengthen and become more supple, which is very important for flexibility and the health of our body, but here […]

Don’t Miss the Cool Down!

You know who you are… you workout for an hour and get your muscles pumped and heat rate high, put your equipment down or step off the treadmill and head straight to the changing rooms to get changed! Yes… you… I’m here to tell you that your cool down stretches are just as important as […]

Weight Loss – Mistakes I Made

Mistakes aren’t necessarily a bad thing… But here’s the catch: if we keep making the same mistakes without learning from them, we’re not moving forward, we’re not growing, we’re not progressing, we’re not empowering ourselves… The worse part of it all is when you or someone you know continues to make the same mistakes and […]

‘Sleep Off’ the Extra Pounds?

Weight loss and shedding a few extra pounds is part of a bigger picture and that picture is a healthy lifestyle. We all know that a healthy lifestyle incorporates a variety of factors and that includes sleep. But did you know that a good sleep regime and making sure you get enough sleep consistently is […]

‘Dieting’- Will it Work This Time?

Contrary to common belief, I’m not against losing weight. In fact, weight loss was a big part of my own wellness journey. But if you follow me on social media, I can understand why you may think weight loss is such a bug bare for me because I do tend to promote health over aesthetics. […]

Skin Health – The 6 Commandments

The jury still seems to be out with the debate on skin v diet, however, if we knew more about how nutrients from our food play a part in our skin health from the inside out, we get a clearer picture. The truth is, there are several factors that effect our skin aesthetically: do we […]

Movement Motivation – Love to Move

One of the most asked questions I get on social media, from friends and from family is: “How do you stay motivated to workout every day?” Let me start by telling you that it didn’t come naturally or easily to me whatsoever. If you have been following my journey on social media, you already know […]

Daily Journaling – How to Form Lasting Habits

Our life is made up of our daily habits, some we create more consciously than others. Brushing our teeth for example, it’s a habit, a good habit, one we’ve been taught to adopt from a very early age, and also one that becomes rather unconscious and more of an ‘autopilot’ type of behaviour. If we […]