About Me


Hi! I’m Yasmine, welcome to your step in the right direction…

I’m a UK based Yoga Teacher and Health Coach specialising in Culinary Medicine and passionate about wellness! My goal is to inspire my community to embrace and enjoy their wellness journey, and commit to themselves in fitness and in health.

Knowledge is power when it comes to Nutrition, Health and Fitness! This is your hub for everything you need to know to help you on your journey to Wellness

I love helping others recognise the beauty of self love and caring enough to make a life long commitment to enhancing the relationship they have with themselves. My passion comes from having learned the hard way how detrimental neglecting this relationship can be!

My early career was in Sales Recruitment for 6 years after graduating from University with a Degree in Media and Advertising. Whilst I’m very grateful for all the life lessons from my education and past career, the best thing that has happened to me so far was taking the leap of faith into following my passion and developing the drive to understand the underlying causes for my declining physical and mental health.

So here I am today, retrained and more dedicated to my health than ever, but also deeply motivated to helping others to dedicate themselves to their health too!

I hope you enjoy following my journey and the content I create for you. Feel free to have a browse on my Instagram page too!